I-01. Mathar Top

Sizes 10 to 36
Gauge 12-14-16
Features High Quality, Good Finishing, Leak Proof, Easy to Clean, Special Machine Mathar.


We bring forward a comprehensive range of domestic and commercial Aluminium Mathar Top. We have specialized in doing Mathar by Machine, which as result give impeccable finishing compared to Hand Mathar. This product is widely in demand in Gulf and Indian Market.

Mathar Top (Without Lid)
Size Weight

(in Kgs)

 (14 Guage)


(in Kgs)

(16 Guage)

Weight of Lid (in Kgs)

(18 Guage)

10*18 5 4 1.3
19*24 7.5 6 1.7
25*28 7.5 6 1.7
29*36 23 18 5


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