About us

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The Establishment of our Company Unicorn Metal Industries has been preceded by experience of over 70 years in the business of Aluminium Utensils in India.

We started in Year 1946 when founder of our company Shri Vallabhdas Mavji Thacker, moved from Gujarat to Kolkata, West Bengal and started a small retail shop “Vallabhdas and Brothers”. Our Business got success, and by 1980, we emerged as one of the biggest wholesaler of eastern part of India. To expand and capture the western part of country, we started our Trading Unit “Vallabhdas & Sons” at Ahmedabad in Year 1987. 

To enlarge the scope of our business and to serve our customers with better quality product, we Started “Unicorn Metal Industries” for manufacturing of Aluminium Utensils and to cater to Bulk and Export demand.

Today, Shri Vallabhdas Thacker’s Children and Grand Children run this Family Venture and caters to demands of Aluminium Utensils across India.

Our two Maiden Brand ” JK Vallabhdas “ and ” Unimet JK “ are the renowned Brand and known for its Widest Range – Superior Quality – Affordable Rates.

Our product has a wide and accepted market in all states of India, Saudi Arabia, USA, Japan, Australia, UAE, Oman and Entire African Countries. Unicorn Metal Industries believe that Success of Business is in Sustaining Customers and not only in Creating Customers.

We have been loyal in our Standards, Pricing and Quality to earn this Loyalty of Customers since Decades.