Anodized Sauce Pan

  • Product Code : F-03
  • Sizes : 10 to 12
  • Gauge : 16

High Quality, Good Finishing, Special Anodized, Plastic Handle. Leak Proof, Corrosion Resistance, Durable and Sturdy.
We bring forth to you Aluminium Anodized Sauce Pan. Its Anodizing Quality and Excellent Finishing are the core features of Anodized Sauce Pan. It is mainly used for domestic Use to Make Tea or Coffee. Due to Anodizing the look of the products becomes very attractive and thus more customers prefer Anodized Items.

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Anodized Saucepan
Size Top Diameter (In Cms) Bottom Round Diameter (In Cms) Height (in Cms) Handle Length (In Cms) Approx. Weight (in Kgs)
10 15 13.5 8 15 0.37
11 16 14.5 8 15 0.41
12 17 16 9 15 0.48


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