Hard Anodized Induction Fry Pan

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  • Product Code : H-02
  • Sizes : 1 to 3
  • Gauge : 4 MM

High Quality, Good Finishing, Special Hard Anodizing, Made from Virgin Aluminium, Special Induction Plate, Leak Proof, Corrosion Resistance, Durable and Sturdy.
We bring forth to you Hard Anodize Fry Pan. Its Special Black Anodizing and Excellent Finishing are the core features of Hard Anodize Fry Pan. Fry Pans are mainly used for Omelet’s, Pasta’s, Curries, Etc.,. Hard Anodize cookware’s give outstanding heat distribution and cooking performance. It Surface resist abrasion and corrosion. Hard Anodize cookware also does not interact with food even with the most Delicate Flavors. Hard Anodize Cookware are more durable and also looks better than other metal utensils. Also with Advanced Technology, Induction Plate is well fitted in the utensils, so to avoid any Plate problems unlike Steel Induction Utensils. Aluminium Induction Items are been selling like a Hot Cake in International and Domestic Market nowadays.

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Hard Anodize Induction Fry Pan
Size Height Without Lid (In Cms) Height With Lid (In Cms) Width (In Cms) Length (In Cms) Weight Without Lid (In Cms) Weight With Lid (In Cms) Water Capacity (In Lts)
1 6.5 12 19 19 0.53 0.69 1.5
2 6.8 12.3 21 21 0.63 0.8 2
3 7 12.5 23 23 0.71 0.93 2.5

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  1. 2 out of 5


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